EQUINOX - Everything you have come to expect from prime meat
Alles wat u van lekker vlees verwacht

The state-of-the art facilities at Equinox ranks among the best in the world. All stages of processing are carried out under optimum hygienic conditions and in strict compliance with quality standards. Traditional skills and technology go hand in hand. The utmost care is exercised in the preparation of smoked meat and ready-made meals. The meat is subjected to rigorous quality controls at every stage of the production. Equinox is proud to offer products of a consistently high quality. Qualified butchers cut up the pistolas according to the best professional standards. The cut-up pieces of meat are immediately vacuum-wrapped and prepared for shipping.

Countersink depth measurement during seaming control
Preparation of micro-biological plates
Core-temperature registration in accordance with quality regulation
Trimming loins