EQUINOX - Everything you have come to expect from prime meat
Alles wat u van lekker vlees verwacht

Our products: fresh horsemeat

Fine and tender pieces of meat. There can be no better publicity for the butcher's! Equinox collects the meat from the source, in the meat country par excellence: Argentina. The horses run around freely and graze the vast Argentinean pampas. A growth process of many years that takes place in the pure countryside, and that ultimately yields high-quality meat. It comes into Belgium chilled, by plane or by ship. The daily arrival of these splendid steaks in several European airports and harbors guarantee their freshness. A baking test will immediately convince you.

Equinox, with the best abattoirs in the horse countries par excellence, watches over the quality of the meat from the source onwards. Both in Wijnegem and in the abattoirs the fresh pistolas are cut according to our clients' wishes.

Vacuum packed meat: all anatomical parts are available in several weights: from light to heavy. A selection from our varied supply:

  • A full 6-piece series: sirloin, rump steak, tenderloin, inside, outside, knuckle. Naturally, you are free to make your own choice: all parts are available separately or in several combinations.
  • Clod, neck, brisket, spencer roll, skirt & flanks.
  • PAT meat: pistolas with membranes entirely removed, and ready for cutting, without outside, fresh arrivals by plane.

All technical parts are available as desired. Deliveries can be made from 30 kg onwards. All the boned meat is hygienically vacuum packed. Front and hindquarters, pistolas, ... : daily arrivals by plane or ship. Equinox vacuum-packed meat, custom-cut, fresh pistolas, boned in our workshop in Wijnegem.