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Our products: Smoked horsemeat

Equinox exclusively uses top quality horsemeat. Every piece is carefully brined with a salt mixture that is accurately weighed out. Modern inspection techniques guarantee constant quality. The meat matures patiently at constant temperature during 4 weeks. After that, it is put into the "chimney" and is smoked using time-honored methods, with natural wood. The result is pure Equinox smoked horsemeat, a first-rate delicacy.

The choice cut of smoked horse!!! Perfectly sliceable, beautiful round slices, a delicacy for gourmets. Available in a traditional and in an extra sweet grade. Several weights are available.
Prepared as smoked meat, the inside loses nothing of its well-known qualities. This is a classic in the butcher's, with its delicious subtle taste that is very much appreciated by professional butchers. Like the knuckle, the inside is available in a traditional and in an extra sweet grade.
Although not as well known, the shoulder is ideal for small side assortments. The fine fibre gives this splendid piece of smoke-dried meat a delicious taste and a very pleasant feeling in the mouth. Half cut and immediately nicely sliced.

The most cost-effective piece of smoke-dried meat. The outside has all the properties of a good piece of smoke-dried meat; it is prepared using time-honored methods and has an excellent price/quality ratio. Available in a traditional and in an extra sweet grade.
The tenderloin is one of the smaller and also one of the better pieces of smoke-dried meat. Fine thin slices. A true delicacy.

In order to have smoked horsemeat show a return down to the last slice, we also market a range of "shaped horsemeat", besides our range of "natural" horsemeat. There is certainly no lack of choice: round or square, spicy or extra sweet. Equinox smoked horsemeat will get you top marks for taste and presentation.

Square fillet
Shaped half shoulder. Significant advantages: delicious taste, high yield, minimum cutting loss. Ideal for small side assortments.
Shaped inside
Known and appreciated by every butcher. Shaped, thus offering minimum cutting losses. All the qualities of the inside are optimally retained. The delicious taste, which is extra sweet yet typically that of smoked horsemeat, will give you a pleasant surprise when tasting this delicious morsel.
Carré d'Anvers
If one is able to shape the choice knuckle cut of the smoke-dried horsemeat and retain the divine delicate taste of the cut or even improve on it, one can obtain the best of the best: Carré d'Anvers. Simply cannot be beaten for price, quality, yield or taste.
Shaped outside
Outside in netting produces beautiful round slices with high yield. Prepared using traditional methods. The cooling counter of high-quality butchers would not be the same without it. Outside in a synthetic casing offers the same advantages and is also a very cost-effective piece of meat in terms of slicing.

Façon Suisse is extremely appreciated by enthusiasts of extra sweet horsemeat. The specific method of preparation ensures a product with low salt content (± 2 %).
The use of beech wood guarantees a characteristic smoked flavor. The knuckle formed is very firm and can be sliced extra finely. Success is guaranteed!

This piece of smoked horsemeat is lightly salted; it is smoked using full beech wood blocks and is presented to you in the shape of a tunnel, pre-carved or not, according to your wishes.
The cutting loss is reduced to a minimum and its shape gives your assortment the surplus value it deserves!
You and your clients will be able to assess this 100 % natural meat delicacy at its true value.